Friday, March 1, 2013

Art Supplies In Rome

  Over the last few trips, I have found that it's better and just more fun to buy supplies here in Italy.  I have been to this great "old school" art supply store in Rome before, and was happy to go again.
  Ditta G. Poggi on Via del Gesu, near the Pantheon, is small and filled tight with everything an artist might need. 

Small, but has all things needed.

Oils, acrylics, guoches and watercolors....and more.

  Since I know I'll be able to shop more in Umbria, I only bought brushes and some other small stuff. We still have a train connection and some serious hiking with large heavy bags before reaching Panicale.
  I'll stop into the local hardware/paint supply store, MAF, close to where we stay, and also want to check out this big art supply store in Deruta I was told about last year. So, here in Rome, I stick to the small easily packable stuff.

Buckets and buckets of brushes make me swoon.

I can't help it when I see brushes, I must buy them.

Deciding is difficult. I want them all.

   I'll get the big cans of this stuff at MAF, but I still think the shelves all full look great.

  I guess there are many artists in Rome, and there must be several "tradizionale" types that still make their own paint by hand. The shelves of powdered color are a real throwback, and I love to see this.

Candy Colors.


I look forward to putting these brushes to work, and settling in to whatever it is I will create this year while in Umbria. 
  I will just let the Umbrian landscape inspire me, casually/non-casually. 
 Stay tuned.

At the check-out counter.

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