Sunday, May 8, 2016

Goodbye To A Good Year's Work

  It began with a first night's meal at Simone and Lorena's Il Gallo nel Pozzo…..One very happy artist ready for a good bite to eat, followed by several weeks of painting in the Umbrian country side.

  Driving around the area had it's moments…of beauty.

  Working at first on drawings on paper…sometimes in nearby Tuscany...

  Always with an eye out for the next spot to inspire.

  With the cold days of March, sometimes staying inside...

  The fireplace is always a favorite spot to consider.

  Too cold to even get out of the car on some days….

  The classic 'puffy coat', always a very good friend to have.

  Why not draw and enjoy a glass of wine?

  Fortunately, the warm days did arrive….

  Hard to stop working when the weather is this nice.

  The final painting of this trip finished.

  Time to relax and enjoy the feeling of a job very well done.

  Now we head back home…where the next phase begins…getting the show together!
  Stay tuned-We will be posting the finished paintings soon!

  Thanks, Umbria…for all the inspiration.
  And wine and pasta, of course.