Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Challenges And Opportunities

  As an artist, I've always enjoyed showing the process of my painting experience.
  In this blog post, we take it down to the bare bones.

  The reason why... in this studio, away from my home studio in California, I've had to improvise.
  This has brought a welcoming experience of just tacking the canvas to the wall, and painting it that way. Painting it as it is.

  I guess I think of this as my 'rustic studio', here in Italy. 
  Every experience brings challenges and opportunities, so I'm very excited to show and describe the process here, on this blog. 

The doorway to the studio.

A cramped studio. You work with what you have available.
No complaints.

A group of finished canvases to be shipped back to the gallery.

Trying to keep the plaster walls and tile floors as clean as I can.

My studio floor.

  These paintings will all be exhibited in our gallery in Carmel, California later this year.
  I'm looking forward to the show.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Busy In The Studio 2019

  Johnny has finished twelve canvases so far during this trip to Umbria, and he's not done yet.
   He is learning how to create larger works in his studio here, as opposed to his usual smaller 'plein-air' paintings he has done in the past.
  Working here on a larger scale has been a goal for many years. Now that we have this apartment, with a dedicated studio space, his dream of doing large paintings here has been realized.

  The studio is proving to be a launching point to the future of unlimited possibilities.

  As we wait to ship these canvases back to the gallery in California, we can enjoy them here...

  We look forward to an upcoming show of the beautiful works soon!
  Stay tuned...

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Raw Canvas

  Just following the ancient tradition of many artists before me.
  I'm proud and honored to be a part of this tradition...but this is what all artists have to do. It's our roots.
  I purchased a length of raw cotton canvas in Deruta this week.  Unprimed cotton. No english spoken, so it was a very fun challenge.

  Back at my studio, I spent the morning applying gesso to the canvas. I'll need to do a second coat tomorrow.

  We'll see how this canvas develops over the next several days.

  Stay tuned.

Sunday, March 31, 2019

In Process

  Johnny has finished one large canvas, but is still working on several more.
  Paint dries faster here, which is good for rolling and storing the big pieces when they are finished.

  We plan to ship them all back before we leave, but may need to leave some here to ship later.
  More to come...


Still working on this one

Two vertical canvases being worked.


Not finished yet.
We'll see where it goes next...
Johnny says these canvases will all change-
Some dramatically, some not so much.

Friday, March 29, 2019

In The Studio...Umbria 2019

The Italian Studio.

  First of all, I had to rearrange the furniture in the studio. I had to flip it around because this trip I am concentrating on larger format canvases, not the smaller plein-air paintings I've done in the past here.

  Each day there is something new I have to readjust, or buy to make the studio my own here. 
  Slowly but surely the studio and I begin to work together, kind of like a team.
  I enjoy the process of the studio developing on it's own time line.

  An artists's studio is an intimate and special place, with it's own personality. 
  But then it's time to do the work.

  The paintings are all inspired by my time spent absorbing the local landscape here in Umbria.
  Absorbing the light and color.

  I will ship these works back home to show in our gallery later this year. 

  The direct inspiration of these particular paintings is very different than the small plein-air paintings I've done here in the past.

  This time there is a direct intuitive abstract relationship.
  They are not so contextually related to a place or a time...for example a farmhouse, or a road...a line of trees...this is a search for a connection to an inner light.

  Just another day in this artist's studio.
  Always there is more work to be done.

Monday, April 30, 2018

Painting In The Fields

A short and sweet look back from a couple of weeks ago in Umbria.
Home now, and ready to do large canvases inspired
by another great visit.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Arrival Of Spring In Umbria

  It's good to be out painting in the fresh air and warm sun.
  Light makes all the difference, of course.

  Stopping on a country road on the way to Perugia, the largest town in the area. Set up to paint.
  Soon the trees will be filled with new leaves. They are still bare, but the green is coming on.

Italian farmhouses have recently become a favorite theme of mine.

  Sticking closer to home, painting in the front yard with all the luxuries at hand. I'm bundled up, the air is still very cool. It's always nice when the sun is out and the wind has died down.
  The views from the garden could keep me busy painting for years.

After lunch session.

  This was a very relaxed, small painting. Happy, loose and colorful.

  The paintings on this particular afternoon are almost like 'warm-ups'. Just to get the brush and the color moving.
  The weather has been a challenge for me. Not being able to get into a routine of work in March.
  Now, we have had a break and I'm happy to be out more.


  When all else fails, weather wise, I can work in my studio. 

  Working on ideas in the studio keeps me in the process for future, larger paintings.

Important to keep working.

  April is here, and hopefully there will be lots of nice days to work.