Saturday, January 11, 2014

2014 - "Great Expectations"

I will start this 2014 blog with my last painting of 2013. Just finished near the end of December.

The title is "Perugia", six feet by six feet, oil on canvas.

This is, I believe, a transitional piece. My painting style is continuing to evolve. I guess it could be represented as a sort of grand abstract expressionist style. At least in the stylings, i.e.….dripping paint, slashing paint, very gestural…or you could even say "action" painting.

An important part of the painting is to express the process involved. I try to make every inch of the canvas surface interesting.


This painting reminds me of Perugia... that dark, medieval hill town in Umbria, Italy. 

"Perugia", detail

"Perugia" installed in my gallery.

I have recently completed several paintings in this new style. 
All abstract, with no reference to the landscape. 

Will I return to the landscape? Certainly when we travel to Umbria. But as far as my studio work goes, I'm setting the landscape aside for now.

In conversation with a local art lover.

My intention is to be more active with my blog this year, posting thoughts and ideas, as well as photos, from both the studio and the gallery. I want to share my experience as a painter with you. 
I hope to include links to some of my favorite art websites, interviews I find inspiring, magazine articles…this sort of thing.

…Anyway… this year on the blog, you will see the continual growth of my artist's journey.

I hope you enjoy.