Monday, November 30, 2015

It's Showtime!

  This week we are preparing to show the remaining paintings from our 2015 Umbria trip. It's a little hectic in the gallery.
  I say "remaining" because the wonderful folks at San Francisco's brand new UCSF Mission Bay campus have chosen several works for their Embarcadero facility. 
  Very exciting for us!

  While we ready the gallery for the upcoming show, I thought I'd have some fun looking back at some moments I captured during the last trip to our wonderful home away from home, Panicale.
  I always enjoy tormenting Mr. J with my ever-ready camera…..

Upon arrival, Johnny is happy to rediscover what
he left in storage with our friends.

Though we do have hours of down time, Johnny is always ready to sketch, draw or paint. We rarely leave the apartment without his "kit"..even if it's just a pencil and sketchpad.

Sketching while on our early morning walk.

  If we're driving out somewhere, we bring it all…everything he may need to paint with either gouache or oils...

Setting up for a gouache on paper work.

One of the first pieces painted…most likely in early March.

Contemplating the 'Big View' from the walls of Panicale.

Another one in the can, so to speak...

  Luckily, there are several places to shop for supplies in the area. Some very near, others a short (but always gorgeous) drive. 
  I really enjoy going into the art supply shops. They have lots of very cool items, and the packaging can be fun. 
  Also, these places are challenging for my language skills. This is a very good thing. I'm always trying to strengthen my abilities.

At a nearby paint supply store, which also features art supplies.

  If we wake up to good weather…which means no rain or wind…we are going to hit the road to find a place to paint. Big fun, all around.

  In the earliest part of the trip, weather can be cruel, at best. Wind, cold, rain…even snow this past spring! It's so nice when it finally warms up and the dirt roads, or 'strada bianca', call us out.

This one is a favorite of mine…sigh.

A gift for some friends….you won't see this at the gallery!
It lives in that wonderful farmhouse in Umbria now.

Working on the walls of Spello...

Typical setup for the gouache on paper works
we will be showing.

A particularly nice spot to work.
Isola Maggiore, one of three islands on the lake.

Gouache on paper works.

Some fun/work at the end of a day.

  If you can stop by to see the show, we would love to see you! If not, I'll post the link below, where you can see what will be available.
  The paintings will be on view here, at Gallery Apodaca beginning this Saturday, Dec 5 at 11 am.

Dolores Street between 5th & 6th
Carmel, Ca
Hours: Thursday-Monday 10-5

To see the paintings, visit:

You can also visit our website: