Tuesday, September 24, 2013


  This trip to Venice is much more about seeing art than making art.
  Though both are equally important to the artist.
  The artist has to be a sponge, and absorb intuitively...everything around him.

  The Venice Biennale always has a treasure trove of inspiration. But so does hearing the bells in the Campo, or watching children play with their grandparents.
  All the unexpected moments that one sees, hears and feels. All these things are distilled in the studio back home. 
  Hopefully to add a layered interest...and some extra meaning.

  At the end of a long day of absorption, it is always a treat to sit and watch the late afternoon activity in the "campo", or main square. A good place to contemplate, and work on my journal.

  A glass of wine is always a good idea, too.

The red paper is classically Venetian

  The boat ride to the island of Torcello is beautiful and very relaxing. The day we visit is a perfect one.
  It's nice to find a quiet spot to think and paint.


I love the traveling studio in a cigar box. It's perfect.

Gouache work with a postcard.

A beautiful location to work from.

I needed some shade. This was a warm day....

Work in progress.

This moment is captured. 

  One thing that painting "plein air" in California has taught me, is that the act of painting the moment...whether it is 30 minutes, an hour or several hours....it's all about capturing that particular time of the day. That particular light. That particular place.
  And it's good . And it's worthy.
  It's the magic treasure that painting on the Pacific coast has taught me....

Basic tools.

My best tool.

The traveling studio.

Finished...for this moment.