Sunday, May 25, 2014

More Work From Umbria 2014

Janelle writing here…..

  Just going through photos, now that we are back in California. We had some troubles with the laptop, so I was not able to post anything the last couple of weeks in Umbria. Fortunately, after a week in hospital, the computer is back, and we can now access the iPhoto library…whew.

 Johnny is just beginning to paint in his studio here at home again, but we still want to share some of the Umbrian sessions. The weather was so on and off, he didn't get as many paintings done as he had planned, but all in all, a decent work trip. 
  We are still waiting for a delivery of 2 larger canvases, which were shipped several days before we left Umbria. This will be a new experience for us.

  Here you can see weather moving through the Val di Chiana, the area between Cortona and Montepulciano, which is also the valley which holds Lago Trasimeno. We saw many cloud "cells" move through, with lightening and thunder, as well as major downpours. In the case, below…it just passed down the valley without getting too close to Panicale.

One of Johnny's favorite views to paint.

Keeping an eye on that storm.

  I am wrestling with the colors in these paintings…they look "hotter" here than in reality. The colors a little more subdued in real life…sorry!

A dramatic piece, I think.
6X6 inch

  Here, below, it's a view of the same area, but from the top town. There is a wonderful view of the lake, and the entire valley below Panicale.

Here, Johnny is capturing the lake view with
Castiglione del Lago on the left. It's a castle town that juts out
into the lake.

Lago Trasimeno and the surrounding fields.
8X8 inch

  The road that winds through this area is a main road that we drive along all the time. It shows up in many of Johnny's Umbrian paintings. 
  We both miss this road and this view very much...

The road is hidden behind the painting, but it's down there.

A different color scheme of the same lake/field view as the painting above.
8X8 inch

  We went out to Isola Maggiore, an island on the lake, one sunny afternoon. Johnny has painted here before. It's a quiet place with lots to be inspired by.

The main street of the island.
There is only one street.

As an aside, we had a nice lunch down there at the end
of the street, on the left. 

  After a nice lunch by the lake, we walked around to the other side, for a different view and scene.

Getting gear ready, lakeside.

I love the palettes.

Close to the shore.

A very sweet 6X6 inch.

Going quite abstract with this one...

6X6 inch...

  There will be more "working" photos and videos coming soon, now that I have my iPhoto library, I'm good to go. Keep visiting the blog!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Johnny Apodaca Paints A Picture

  There is a lot of emotion involved as I enter my last week in Umbria. 
  I've painted about 50 paintings this trip, but in reality I could paint, and hopefully will paint…many hundreds more in the years to come.

  This blog post will be an intuitive study of this regions overwhelming views. 

  I say 'intuitive" because that is my particular style. It is a style that I have gleaned from many artists previous styles before me.
  It is a style of quick response, passionate feeling, and direct application of paint on a two dimensional surface.
  The emphasize is on the observation of the viewed landscape. These small paintings are a direct interpretation of this specific moment in time, later, to be reinterpreted in my California studio, as large scale abstract landscapes.
 These small pieces are complete, in the moment experiences…honest and true…and deserve to be called complete works of art. These are not sketches, they are this one unique artist's interpretation of one unique moment in time. They are a unique celebration...maybe a pregnant poem, of future possibilities.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Field Work

  Once again we find ourselves in the beautiful Umbrian countryside. Everything a landscape artist would want, for his whole life.

The work begins in earnest.

  Once again…the challenge. I need to create a living, working design, full of color, and yet..respecting the two dimensional aspect of the picture plane. This means no arial perspective. The design, it needs to be flat. This is my modern take.
  Whether I succeed or not…well, the viewer decides.
  The trick is to just paint the picture. My experience should guide me. My philosophy is ingrained. I need to trust my instincts. This is what I tell any student I have.

Every artist should embrace the colors on his/her own palette

Work quickly.

  Luckily Janelle & I are able to enjoy some sunny, relaxing time in a friends garden here in Umbria.  

It's a relaxed work day in the garden.

 A different day, a beautiful small church I've painted before.

I can't resist the poetry of this place.

  Here is a small sample of completed works from this years trip, so far. 
  I've been painting both 6x6 inch panels, as well as 8x8 inch panels this year. I'm not working with gouache on paper this time around. 
  There are a few larger canvases, too. There should be about 35-40 pieces in total. 

 "Chapel, Missiano"  8X8 inch

"The Egg Barn" 6X6 inch

"Farmhouse Near Missiano" 6X6 inch

"Panicale"  6X6

   It's such a privilege to be here painting in these ancient fields, at these ancient walls, with my modern style. One foot in the past, and one foot in the future. I am doing right for my painters self. 
  Certainly I'm not the first painter to feel these feelings, particularly here in Umbria, the green heart of Italy.

  Inspiration, challenge, and hard work. 
  It's not easy, but it is a joy.


  This field work will never end.