Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Johnny Apodaca Paints A Picture

  There is a lot of emotion involved as I enter my last week in Umbria. 
  I've painted about 50 paintings this trip, but in reality I could paint, and hopefully will paint…many hundreds more in the years to come.

  This blog post will be an intuitive study of this regions overwhelming views. 

  I say 'intuitive" because that is my particular style. It is a style that I have gleaned from many artists previous styles before me.
  It is a style of quick response, passionate feeling, and direct application of paint on a two dimensional surface.
  The emphasize is on the observation of the viewed landscape. These small paintings are a direct interpretation of this specific moment in time, later, to be reinterpreted in my California studio, as large scale abstract landscapes.
 These small pieces are complete, in the moment experiences…honest and true…and deserve to be called complete works of art. These are not sketches, they are this one unique artist's interpretation of one unique moment in time. They are a unique celebration...maybe a pregnant poem, of future possibilities.

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