Sunday, April 26, 2015

Hey, Give Me Some Privacy, Huh?

  Working in the field. 
  I know how Vincent felt.

  This is another post to help explain my working process.
  Every Artist has their own; this is mine.

  Simplifying the subject, I am focusing in on a couple of farm buildings. Later you will see how the painting changes and gets distilled to it's final resolution.

  In the process of painting this painting, many things will happen. Some in control of myself, and some out of control.
  The paint has a way of expressing itself. It will require it's own essence and voice. I have to be on point to be sensitive enough to feel all of these things.

  It's sort of a ballet…the painting will exhibit itself to me, much as a dancer on a stage expresses herself through movement and counterpoint, call and response, add and subtract…. A dance.

  During this dance between myself and the painting, partners have left the scene, but have also left a part of themselves…a memory of themselves..on the stage. 
  This memory adds to the richness of the piece, and leaves the viewer with the finale.


  Looking over my shoulder, public time…private's another part of the process...

Sunday, April 19, 2015

More Contemporary Art: Daniel Buren 2015/Umbria Travel

  What a treat. A few weeks ago, Janelle and I took an overnight trip to San Gimignano, in Tuscany. We had been here only once before, in 2004 with Janelle's parents. 

  It's an easy drive from where we stay, long but beautiful. 

  Most people know San Gimignano for it's 14 remaining towers.

A few of the towers left after many battles.

  Always researching for places to see contemporary art throughout our area, I found that there is an international gallery in the historic center of S.G. 
  Of course we had to make the trip, especially with a current exhibition of Daniel Buren works.

GalleriaContinua on the left.

  This gallery represents some true Art Stars, and has sister spaces in Bejing and Les Moulins, also. 
  What a great gift to have one here, so close.

  The draw for me was Daniel Buren. (please take time to visit this link for more visual eye candy)

  Buren is most known for his installation in Paris, a work in situ at the Cour d'Honneur on the grounds of the Palais Royal. That same year he won the "Golden Lion" at the Venice Biennale.

"Les Deux Palteaux"(1985-1986)

  I wanted to show that thematically, there is a thread in an artist's "life work".
  Here is a perfect example of how an artist changes and moves through his life, and develops a distinctive style that is an expression of his growing maturity.
  There were some early works on display, to contrast with the more recent work showing.

Here you can see the beginnings of the "stripes"
Buren is so well known for.

What great visual contrast, and just great painting.

  Next we moved into several rooms that featured works that are multi layered, and play with color and shadow, as well as space itself.
  These small pieces are works from 2015.

  The gallery space is beautiful, as you can see. It's actually an old theatre transformed.

  Since we had never been to this gallery before, we were happily amazed walking into the next space.
  Into the installation itself.

Looking from the theatre balcony, toward the stage.

  The beautiful harmony of the old and new. 
  The old theatre itself now becomes an integral part of the work, as you walk and climb through the various levels, experiencing the space and viewing it all from many perspectives. 
  Janelle loves art that is interactive. It's great fun for us both.

Looking from the stage out.

  At first, all you see is the amazing installation.
  Walking through the many levels you become aware of yet another visual level.

Surprise "windows" of color courtesy of Sol LeWitt.


  We spent a good amount of time climbing through the installation. Janelle liked the sound of it all. It was scaffolding, so it made some big noise.

  Next we walked through a room of larger multi layered works, similar to the small pieces we had seen earlier.

  Janelle made a video here.

  Continuing on through this lovely space, one can imagine the past history and all the enjoyment that must have been experienced through the years in this gorgeous old theatre.

  What a nice way to honor this classic beauty of a building.


And now, lunchtime.

 Now we will have yet another art space to visit through the years.
  Can't wait to see what will be here next year.


Monday, April 6, 2015

First Oil Paintings: Umbria 2015

  Woke to a beautiful day a week or so ago, so we drove around looking for a good spot to start painting.
  This is looking west towards Tuscany, in an area I have painted before. There are many Etruscan tombs in this area.

  There was a flock of sheep down below me, so I was serenaded by their bells the whole time I was painting.

Setting up.

Laying in color. No drawing, just direct painting.

  Simple forms work best for me so that I can concentrate on the intuition of the colors.

  Again this year I am trying to concentrate on the old buildings, integrating their forms with the natural forms of the landscape.

  This spot was good for two paintings on this day. 
  There is a small village nearby with a beautiful bellower we can see from everywhere we drive in this area.
  This painting will be called "White Road". These "strada bianca" are favorite places to stop and paint.

Just off to the side of the white road.

  The white road is the bare canvas board showing through, below. 
  Later I darkened in the sky, to flatten out the image. 
  The line is a great accent for this little painting.

  After painting the first oils, I realized I had to buy some supplies I needed.
  On a second day, we headed to a nearby paint supply store which also carries some art supplies.

It's close by, so we didn't need to drive all the way to Cortona,
where my favorite art supply place is.

  This place is called MAF. We come here often.

Looking for a perfect "signature" brush.

Checking out oil paint options.

  Back at work on a much cloudier day.
  The weather was changing. This is a new area, I have not painted here before. Good spots to pull over along this white road.

Painting at the crossroad.

I love laying down the color.

Castle on distant hill.

This was a fun painting.

  Since these were done, we have had a big weather change which has kept me from painting for almost 10 days. It is supposed to get nice again in a day or two.
  In the meantime, I work inside on my travel journal, and catch up on the art magazines I have brought along.

  It all adds to the creative process, and I will be ready when the days warm up and the sun comes out again.