Sunday, April 26, 2015

Hey, Give Me Some Privacy, Huh?

  Working in the field. 
  I know how Vincent felt.

  This is another post to help explain my working process.
  Every Artist has their own; this is mine.

  Simplifying the subject, I am focusing in on a couple of farm buildings. Later you will see how the painting changes and gets distilled to it's final resolution.

  In the process of painting this painting, many things will happen. Some in control of myself, and some out of control.
  The paint has a way of expressing itself. It will require it's own essence and voice. I have to be on point to be sensitive enough to feel all of these things.

  It's sort of a ballet…the painting will exhibit itself to me, much as a dancer on a stage expresses herself through movement and counterpoint, call and response, add and subtract…. A dance.

  During this dance between myself and the painting, partners have left the scene, but have also left a part of themselves…a memory of themselves..on the stage. 
  This memory adds to the richness of the piece, and leaves the viewer with the finale.


  Looking over my shoulder, public time…private's another part of the process...

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