Thursday, March 29, 2012

Getting Started

  It always takes several days to wind down and settle in, after a long flight...then the search for supplies. It took a few days to find paint and medium, but we did. Bought some great brushes at a local paint store, and then shot over to Cortona where there is an actual art supply store.

I love the blue brushes, but they will be for the studio back home. 4.50 euro a bunch! Also, medium, oils and
latex gloves...

Can't wait to try these on large canvases back home...

From Cortona art supply store....

What's great about being here in Umbria, is there is inspiration everywhere. While Janelle works around the garden, I can just walk a little way in any direction. My first try is of a little house on the outskirts of town.
Janelle is taking photos while I paint.....

Find Johnny in this one...a little off center under an olive tree...
The burnt area is where the recently cut olive trimmings are stacked and burned in the early morning.
Johnny painting while standing..

The views are wonderful all around, and I'm happy to be painting here again. Still getting my bearings, though. It's been a year since I last painted "plein air", and I'm still drunk with all the visual stimulus. Everywhere you look, it's beautiful. 

Painting "Casa Rosa"

It was warm and bright, and this first one took some time. Happy to be in the shade of this olive tree.
I even sat down for awhile and painted....
 This first little painting is on board, but my plan is to paint oil on gessoed paper. This is a nice little first piece, and I have to get serious about painting more.
  For me, this is a work-vacation, but I'd hardly call it work. It's all inspiration for all this years paintings to come....

Still a work in progress, may do a little touch up. Will show the finished painting soon.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Paint Kit For Travel

  I have been working on my travel kit to paint in Italy. I want to paint more this year, and I've decided to do works on 300# paper, in different sizes. For travel, it's an easier way to get paintings home, and I like to do oils on paper. I'll bring my gauche set up, too. 
  I plan to buy my paints and medium after we get there, instead of packing them and going through the hassle of security not knowing what to do with the tubes of paint,etc. Less stress for me, plus it's fun going into the art supply stores in the area. I found one in Arezzo, and I know there will be at least one in Perugia. Last year we stumbled on a great little place in Orvieto.
  This morning, I had Janelle shoot a short video of the whole travel kit. As you can see, everything gets packed into one check- in bag, and that works pretty good for us. 


  I took some pictures of things, to give you a better look at the travel set up. Some things I found locally, and some stuff I found in my art catalogues. It's piecemeal, but I like what I've come up with, and it all fits in the big suitcase. (thanks you know who you are...)

My gauche box, home made from an old cigar box.
Nice and light.

These containers will hold medium, turpentine, etc. I'll carry any paints in here, too.
It's a heavy weight cardboard box I turned into a light carrier, complete with handle.

  Last year I worked in oils, and only did 8"X 8" paintings, oil on board. I really wanted to do something different this time, and I'm glad to have different sizes to work in. I have three of these carrying boxes, in different sizes, so I'll be able to transport everything easily.

One of three different sized boxes to carry paper before and after it's painted. 

Easy to pack up.

My drying solution. Also easy to pack.
I've used this palette/camera tripod rig for all our trips. It all folds up
nice and small, and passes through security easily.

I'm ready to go.
   So, when do we leave? Are we there yet?..........