Wednesday, March 13, 2013

First Umbrian Painting, 2013

  Artist in Nature's Cathedral...worshipping as only a painter can.
  It's tricky. What with the bio-trash can doing double duty as my easel.

  We were lucky to get some early morning sun. The light helps to define the subject.

  I like this painting. It's going on quick and fresh, the color is intuitive, the feeling directly from the moment.
  Learning my way...each painting is a totally new beginning. That's the exciting thing about it.

  At the cross roads of Heaven and place to be.

  It's not an easy place to be, though. The trick is to forge through and trust your talents from years of experience. 
  Oh, and the trashcan keeps me humble...

  The finished painting. Simple is always the best. A good first start for 2013. It leaves me encouraged.

  (janelle's note on the video below...color setting way off, fixed it for the next videos!!)

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