Saturday, March 16, 2013

Finding The Beauty

  The weather still seemed problematic, but the sun was out, with a cloudy sky and bits of blue.
  I wanted to get started on the gouaches, just because they're so much fun.

  It was also a trial run with all my new supplies, and it turns out I had a gold color instead of yellow, which didn't work for me, and I needed a different brush, and a roll of paper towels....I like to have my tools just right.
  As Leonardo di Vinci said:  
  "It's as important to prepare for painting as it is to do the painting itself." (paraphrase....).
  Too true.

Setting things up to do my first gouache for this year.

  Here is the view I will be working on, with a convenient bench, too. 
  I do love the view. The blue of Italy is, of course, different from California's coastal skies. The landscape inspires me to do beautiful things.
  I will concentrate on the far point of land jutting out at the top right of this photo, below.

There are few people around, even on a Saturday, at this time of year.

  People often ask me "How do you begin?" The answer I tell them:
  "At the beginning."
   It's as simple as that.

  Another quote I remember from my youth that has always had an impact on me...I can't remember who it is quoted from...

 "The search for Beauty is the promise of Happiness."

Of course, on the flip side of that quote is Picasso's potent statement:

"I do not search. I find."

  I hope you enjoy the video, below....

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