Friday, March 22, 2013

Painting In Gioveto

  Late winter cold makes it hard to enjoy spring and get inspired to paint.

Bundled up on our morning walk.

 Good light the last day or two, but still cool.  
 Searching for a motif in the morning light. My bag and supplies are in a cardboard box. Light and efficient, it works very well.

Sporting my new hat from the farmers market.

  One of our morning walk routes takes us through this little borgo named "Gioveto". Setting up I am pleased that there is good light today. Just the sounds of roosters and barking dogs.

  Standing to paint like this, below, requires focus and directness. 
  The painting will only take a short amount of time to actualize, I have to put in a life times worth of "feeling" into these moments.
  It becomes an ebb and flow of what to put in , what not to put in...My feelings are at the end of the brush. 
  That is it. That is what it all comes down to. 
  The painting will reveal who I am and what I have to offer in this moment.

Color, color, color.

Artist in the Landscape/Landscape in the Artist

  Distant medieval hilltop, modern times.
  What does it all mean? Only you, the viewer can decide. 

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