Sunday, January 27, 2013

Travel Sketchbook

 Since it's getting time to head back to Umbria again, we have gotten out the collection of stuff that seems to get stashed away each year and forgotten. Don't ask me why, but we end up just putting our various forms of memorabilia away in the "other" room. Yes, the room of soon to be forgotten things.
 The up side is that it's always like Christmas finding these treasures.

 This sketchbook, with several watercolor studies, is from our 2011 trip. That was in March, and we had some cold days and evenings, perfect for staying in and doing some journal entries.

Says it all.

  Johnny would work on these little gems either from photos taken during the day, or just working with the view we had from the apartment, which was lovely. Once dry, he would ask me to try to write a little something on each page.

We both enjoy looking over the rooftops of Panicale...the old tile is so gorgeous.
There are always so many birds hanging around.

  Working at night, Johnny would take over the little kitchen table, using the items at hand as subject matter.....

Makes for a great still life, but an even better aperitif...

  Sometimes Johnny would bring out the sketchbook on our walks or drives, and just sketch in pencil. Then he would add color later, sitting at the table or in front of the fire.

The ruin on our walk that we love to dream about restoring.....This year it had
fallen even more....I guess we'll watch it crumble away over the years.

The stand of Umbrella Pines on the next ridge top.
I love the moodiness of this.

A simple sketch: Near the lake.

  The travel sketchbook is fantastic, because you can tuck it in your bag and have it ready at any time. We have books from as far back as our honeymoon on the island of Molokai, and Johnny has earlier books from way, way back. Again, they are such treats to find, after you have totally forgotten about them.

  Where ever we stop for a break, Johnny will grab his messenger bag and break out the sketching materials.... Fine with me, that's when I get my reading done.

In Passignano Sul Trasimeno, the little "Riviera" town of the area.
Word has it that George Lucas bought an old convent nearby and is restoring it.
There goes the neighborhood.....

This is what Johnny is painting in the photo above.
The view from across the lake.

I just love this little tree...

  Looking at these now, I see the weather, and how cold it was early in that trip. So glad we will go through late winter and into Spring again this time. It's nice to watch the trees come into full leaf and see the wisteria bloom. And those wild red tulips...mmmmm.
  But I also think we will have early days of scenes like the one below, grey and cold, waiting for a little sunshine...beautiful in it's own way.

Just outside the walls of Panicale, this is "Chiesa Della Madonna Della Sbarra".
 An old church that is a prime place to watch the sunset..

A local pooch near the fountain in the main Piazza of Panicale.

  This final little sketch/watercolor is Johnny's favorite. He just loves this one. I believe it was done close to the end of that 2011 trip, because Spring is coming on strong here, and it's sunny and bright. It was so hard to leave just then.
  It's sweet to know we will be back soon, seeing all the changes, as well as the things that won't ever change.
  I'm looking forward to this year's sketchbook.

The garden just below the big red tower house, on the walk around the walls of Panicale.

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