Saturday, April 28, 2012

Some Works On Paper

  Working on paper offers it's own challenges and rewards. It was something I had decided to do long before we left. It was a way to travel lighter, while also being able to paint more and larger pieces. Last years paintings were all 8 inch by 8 inch, oil on panel.
  Painting outdoors is difficult enough, and then you compound your troubles with painting in a foreign country, especially with oil paints. All the hassles of airport security, etc, and buying supplies here; oil paint, turpentine, medium...which is how I have chosen to do it.
  I wasn't used to painting on paper with oil, but you learn as you go. The secret is to just let the paint do the talking, and every artist paints the best they can, up to that point. 
  These are some of my offerings, and I look forward to studying them at home. These are just a springboard to larger canvases,like a sketch, but they are fully resolved. I value the spontaneity of the painting moment. For me that is the richness that I appreciate the most... the un-self consciousness of the painting experience. "Free", to just let the paint do the talking.

  I'm looking forward to seeing these framed, and hanging in the gallery. There are a lot more to show, and I'll be posting more photos as time goes by...

From The Panicale Walls

Road To Casalini

Across The Lago To Cortona

Afternoon At Lago Trasimeno

Sweet Umbria 
Umbrian Spring

Shadows Near Casalini

Abstract In The Olive Grove

Mongiovino View

Strada Capuccini

Chiesa Vecchia

Ready For The Photo Shoot...

Panicale Skyline 2012

Catching A Moment

View From Isola Maggiore Toward Castiglione Del Lago

Casa Vecchia, Isola Maggiore


  1. Oh wonderful! Cannot wait to see them in person. Thank you for sharing yours and Janelle's enchanted Italian April and soon to be May...especially from a decidedly gloomy Oregon! xoxo Jodi

  2. Buongiorno Johnny,
    Terry and I have been thinking of you two so we thought the next best thing to sharing a Panicale dinner would be to read your blog. Sounds like you're doing wonderfully and we absolutely love your works on paper! Venice was wonderful and we hope to meet you guys there for the Biennale next year.
    best Regards,
    Charlie and Terry