Saturday, April 7, 2012

Out In The Field/All The Stuff

 The weather changed a little in the last couple of days. Rain, and even thunder and lightening. I did get out to paint right before the clouds moved in. We drove over to an area I'd painted around last year-one of our favorite little spots. 
  I made a gentle, easy going, small painting.... because it doesn't matter if the painting is small or large, it's all the process of painting. It's a love/hate relationship, but it needs to be done. It's the process, and I guess, mostly, I love it. The setting up, and all the stuff.

Set up along the side of a one lane road, out in the fields. 
Just true Umbrian 3D.
  Below are a couple of short videos from this site, near Villastrada. I hope you can get some idea of the  incredible landscape, and even the sense of light here. This day, it was starting to cloud over, but still really good.

  After this spot, we drove over to Sanfatucchio, another favorite area. While we were driving down a "white road", Janelle and I were both were amazed to see a really big hawk flying right along the car with us...seemed the hawk was telling me this was the place to stop and paint, so I did.
  It was quiet and free, and the view had an ancient one lane bridge, that somehow seemed symbolic. Was it from the present to the future? Life in Umbria? One can only hope. 

The road to the future?

  Again, a couple of short videos, Janelle takes these while I'm painting. These are both at the Sanfatucchio painting site. The the blog and gives her a way to be involved in what I'm doing, as well as a way to do her own creative thing. I'm trying to get used to it.


  A final word here.... it's all about the pleasure in the "doing" of the painting, and it's always the search for the sublime.

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