Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Process/Painting Near Casalini

  The "Process" of painting en plein air is, of course, a transplanted French style of painting, i.e Impressionism, from the late 19th century. It was then transplanted into the California painting tradition  in the early 20th century. 
  To me, this is the poetic experience of an artist with the privilege of meeting face to face the challenge of interpreting and expressing an archetypal landscape with the aim of creating an ideal and idealized composite landscape: a world in which nature is transformed into elegant splendor, if that is possible.
This is the question and the challenge for me.
  This "Process" is what I am demonstrating in this blog post, and all these posts, as I am painting en plein air, while here in Umbria. As the Italians say... "tradizionale", a grand and great tradition which I am lucky enough to say I am a part of.
  At this time, I have to interject...  I am also in the act of destroying this tradition, deconstructing this tradition, recreating this tradition. That is what I will do when I return to my home and my studio in California. My job is to distill, and hopefully transcend these painting experiences into something... new... at least that was my training, and that is what I will endeavor to do. 

The setting up.

You gotta have fun, too.

Process, process, process... Love it, or leave it.

Working with the gessoed paper.


Work in progress.

Beginning painting.

  Below are some examples of painting plein air in Umbria. Enjoy.  Ciao!

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