Sunday, April 1, 2012

Painting On Isola Maggiore

  It was a really warm Saturday, and I had been wanting to check out the islands in Lago Trasimeno. We knew the boats would be running on a Saturday, so we headed to Castiglione del Lago to hop a boat to Isola Maggiore. I read that this was the island that St. Francis once meditated for 40 days and nights, as a resemblance of Christ. For me, it gave it a touch of magic, as well as history.  I wasn't prepared for the serene beauty of the place.
  We had a fine lunch, lakeside, and then walked a ways to set up for painting.
  I'm still feeling like I'm just getting started.... like I'm still warming up. I have to sneak up on the creative process.
  The spot I chose was all about the light on the street, and the contrast of the stone and the organic trees and shadows.

Finding a shady spot was important. It was a hot day

  Families walked by as I was painting, on the way to the castle above me. It was fun to show the children, who were so curious... and didn't speak English. No English spoken, except by me. But they got it.

It felt good to be painting plein air again.

One artist translating a scene.

"Is it done",  I ask myself. That's always the important question.
  The finished piece is 6 by 8 inches, oil on board. Trying to be fresh, and in the moment. I hope it works. I consider it done. It's a good piece.

First painting done on Isola Maggiore.

  Looking down the street after finishing the first painting, it's inspiring and I feel so lucky to be here, doing this. The history of this place is an artists dream.

Looking down the street I'd just painted.

  I decide to paint a second piece, because we have plenty of time before the last boat returns to the mainland. I don't need to go far, I just turn around and paint the scene behind me. It's an old stone footpath leading up the hill towards the church way above us.
 I notice a garden gate, it's unusual in shape and color. It caught my eye. I set painting one aside, and get set back up for another go.
Getting ready to start another piece. It's amazing how much stuff I need to haul around.
But that's my job.

  As I start, Janelle comes back from her wanderings and decides to make a video or two... but a quick shot first to capture the first brush strokes of the path painting.

The beauty of the sketch.


    All and all, a good day painting. On an island, in the middle of a lake in the middle of Umbria, smack in the middle of Italy. 

All over surface interest, and color. The contrast is the metal gate, on the right.. it's contrast with organic surroundings.
It reminds me of an ancient Italian Crest... or the shape of a helmet....

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