Monday, April 16, 2012

A Higher Inspiration/Siena

  Janelle and I have always loved Siena, and wanted to try and get back there, so we took a mini trip  into Tuscany for a couple of days. The drive through the countryside, the scenic route, felt like being home again. It's one of the most beautiful roads in the world. 
  Once in Siena, we made it to the free parking area, snaking up to the historic was good to be back. After checking in, we headed to the Duomo. I always wanted to climb up to the top of the unfinished section, and finally we did.
  We spent a good amount of time inside the Duomo, too. The weather was a little wet, and there was so much to see. 

Some higher inspiration
Inside the amazing Duomo in Siena

Frescoes by Pinturicchio, and a Roman copy of the Three Graces, from the Greek original.
Also in the Duomo..
  Just on the edge of the historic center of Siena, is the San Dominico church. It's powerful and strong, a bedrock of a building. I guess it's supposed to be a symbol of it's faith. It's always impressed me with it's stature. It's not a beautiful building, but it's beauty is in it's powerful presence.

San Dominico church-Beauty and strength.
I took this from the terrace of the place we stayed at.

Artist at the Wishing Well. 
  The second day, the weather was nice enough to set up in "Il Campo", one of the most beautiful piazzas in all of Italy. We enjoy sitting here in the evenings, watching the swallows darting around, as the light changes to dusk. It was the first time I set up to paint here.

Janelle took some shots-that's me,  sitting at the base of a pillar.

Just another small, gentle painting.
  I was trying to get a feel of the expansive space, on just a small panel painting. It's capturing a moment, the time of day(late morning), and the shadows-it's just a sketch, but I was trying to make it heart felt.
  There is so much history, centuries of history, in that place. Just trying to remain humble, enjoying and paying homage to the moment. And the place.

Is it possible to hear history?

The piazza becomes a studio. Tranquility for just a few moments.

"Il Campo"  12 April, 2012

  The short video below gives a small sense of the sounds, activity and energy of the daily dance of this piazza.
All going on while I sit, absorb and distill some 40 years of painting into a moment. It's just me, my style.

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