Thursday, May 3, 2012

Make-Do Studio

  Janelle and I have had the luxury of driving around in a new (rented) Fiat Cinque Cento, the car everyone back home loves to see driving around town.. the only drawback for me is the trunk storage size. But, we manage to get all our supplies in there. We enjoy throwing in a picnic and heading out to the countryside for a painting opportunity to show up.

My rolling studio.

  Later at the house, there is plenty of room to stretch out on the big dining table. I can work on notebooks, watercolors and a series of small scale gouaches I am really happy with. More on those later. 

  Below I am painting in my beautiful outdoor studio I refer to as "The Turret". It is simply a vista/rest  spot just outside of the walls of Panicale. There are trees for shade and benches to place materials on, and it offers magnificent views. All an artist can ask for.

Painting at the Turret.

The scattered tools of my outdoor studio.
  Here is a makeshift solution I came up with at the house we are staying in. I need a place to set the paintings aside while they dry, so the smell of the paint isn't an issue for Janelle in the house. This works well and I'm really happy with it. You can see it's just a storage unit on the side of the house.

  But inside, it holds treasures! And I like the charm of the "stuff" of the garden all around.

The rolled up green thing is synthetic "grass"...something I can lay down to protect
the patio or floor of the house while I am painting.
  There is a shelf that is perfect for my home made drying rack which holds the works on paper. Also, I am storing assorted paint brushes and supplies I've bought here in Italy.

Another shot of my "Studio".

Small, but mighty. And mighty useful.

Paintings on paper set up to dry.

    While we have asked everyone we've met about renting a small garage, or outbuilding for a proper studio next year. But this year my little makeshift studio was a good friend. Next year, who knows?

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