Thursday, May 10, 2012

Gouache Works

  This year I am working on small gouache on paper. I guess you can consider gouache as an opaque water color, to put it simply. I do manipulate the medium a little bit by dragging a tool across the image. It gives me a soft quality I like.
  I have completed about twenty, and these will be the basis of a book we plan to have available through the gallery. Below, there are examples of some of these paintings. They are small images, measuring about 3X3 inches each. 
  The paintings are intimate gestures of our stay in Umbria this year. These small pieces will develop into larger canvases back home, in the studio. It's all about inspiration on many different levels and layers.

Painting near Missiano. 

A simple set up to paint with gouache.

My palette.

 Here are the examples of some of the pieces. I hope you like them.

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  1. Hi Johnny & Janelle!

    I did not have the fortune of meeting you in Carmel last summer, although I have been the HAPPY recepient of one of your paintings... My husband, Lance, surprised me upon our return to Dallas (which always makes me blue...) with a Johnny A original! I love it so much. I booted my prized Wolf Kahn to hang your gorgeous piece over our living room mantle! I never thought anyone would be able to replace my WK... YOU are impressively talented & I cannot wait to see your italian gems on paper. I was in Sienna a couple of summers ago and fell in love... the piazza... the duomo... the road to Umbria... oh, I can tell this is going to lead to lots of daydreaming! I'm glad I stumbled across your blog & look forward to reading more. Wishing you much inspiration!
    Kathryn Etcheverry