Friday, June 8, 2012

Painting in San Casciano dei Bagni

  It's always a pleasure and a joy to have the opportunity to watch Johnny paint while we are in Italy. He takes it seriously, and considers it his job. Me, well I just try to capture what I can without being a bother to him. I like to take the little videos and photos. I have my own blog Live Pronto, which gives me a fabulous creative outlet.
  I bugged him to start this blog, and he has been enjoying it, and enjoying seeing all the "hits" it has been getting. Many from Italy, actually, as well as here in the states. Today, I've decided to write a post on his site. Johnny is busy these days, back in the studio after getting so inspired on our trip. But, hey, I still have photos and videos to share.

  While staying in Umbria, we took a day trip into nearby Tuscany to visit San Casciano dei Bagni, a town we had heard about. My folks stayed there a few years ago, and it sounded beautiful. It was so close, too. We stopped along the way a couple of times, enjoying the countryside. 
  The town itself is small and perfect, like so many of the hill towns in this area seem to be.

San Casciano dei Bagni, from just outside the walls.

Near one of the main entrances into town. Beautiful Spring color.

Banksia Rose in full glory.

  I keep being asked "Janelle, what do you do while Johnny is painting?"
  For the most part, I take walks around the area, enjoying the loveliness...or I find a market and grab a little treat to bring back to Johnny to share. I often bring a book to just sit and read.
  But I really like going out on my own and taking pictures.

I love these light fixtures.

San Casciano has several steep streets. Good for walking off
the wonderful baked goods I found.

    So, before taking off on my little walk-about, I took time to get some shots of Johnny setting up to do one of his gouache paintings. We had found this great little spot away from everything, but with a bench and a view. Perfect!

Getting it together to paint.

Adding color to the palette.

   Before taking off, I shot a short video. The weather was overcast that day, and even sprinkled a little.

  After a visit to the really good bakery, the fruit and veg market and a fantastic little clothing store, I wandered back to see where Johnny was in his painting.

Still working.

A nice view over the hills.

Not done yet.

  Glad he hadn't finished, because I wanted to get another video shot. I'm not certain he enjoys this, but he is always patient with me while I shoot these little videos.

Adding the last touches. 

  I really thought this one turned out nice, and it's fun to have it documented, too. I will pop in here through the next several months, adding more to Johnny's blog. I'm sure he will, too. 
  We'll let everyone know when we are ready to have this year's show of the Italian paintings. Look for it later this summer, I think. We are working on another little book to have of the show, and taking time to get things framed, etc. All worth the wait! 

The inspiration, and the final painting, below.

  I love this series of gouache paintings he has done this year, and we can't wait to see them framed and on the walls here at the gallery. Stay tuned.....

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