Sunday, March 30, 2014

First Step…Don't Ruin That Ruin

  A good weather day. 
  To be honest, everyday should be a good weather day for a plein air artist. But hey, I'm also on vacation!
  This ruin looks good to me. It's in an area close to home, near the lake, and it's beautiful. The simple "block" Italian architecture appeals and has a unique presence on the landscape. 
  Also, the color of the stone and the brick expresses something very warm and is a great contrast to the greens of the trees and fields.


In this case, the orange of the tile roof overwhelms the palette.

Lovely start.


Laying in color

Breaking down the color.

Distance shot. At work in the fields of Umbria. Notice the
mountain…the trees are gorgeous, too.

  Although this painting session was nice, and I enjoyed it, I am always still thinking of the next painting. These moments are truly magic, and I hope that I'm sensitive enough to glimpse and capture the essence of the inspiration I have found here in Umbria.
  It's tricky, but that's how it is supposed to be.

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