Thursday, April 3, 2014

Old Tradition, New Style

  Recently saw an art exhibition in Bologna. There were some paintings by Rembrandt there, and I couldn't get over the fact that pushing around paint on a panel is such an old tradition. 

  Here, below, is the same old story of an artist, taking his equipment out into the field, painting the landscape genre.
  Same old story, different artist.

  For me the tradition is important, and now it's up to me to put my own personal stamp on this age old story.

Pushing paint.

Sans the car and wires, it would be like the 1400's

New Tradition.

  This year I had an idea to do diptychs (below), so I built myself a jig here in Italy, with the bottom of a vegetable box I found behind the village market.
  I hope to do several paintings in this horizontal format.

Soft colors of Umbria.

A favorite spot to paint from.

  Another short video from Janelle.

  Back at the studio, paintings are lining up. 
  Can't wait to exhibit them, as group.

There are still a lot more panels to paint.

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