Wednesday, March 26, 2014

In The Umbrian Studio 2014

  Here in my makeshift art studio, it's nice for me to have the luxury of space, but it is also important for me to leave it as I have found it. For example, I lay down plastic drop cloths, and carefully placed "carpets" of paper, so as not to leave any paint stains. 

  It's an all important ritual of having and respecting the workspace. Even at home, after a weeks long painting session, everything has to be cleaned and put back in order, at least for me. When starting a new session of work, I need to be organized. It clears the mind.

Organized in the Umbrian studio 

  It's very cold here, in mid-March, though there have been some warm, sunny days to paint in the outdoors. Now, with the rainy weather, I'm working in the studio.

  This year I purchased some bigger canvases, and we'll see how this works out? But still, my main intention is to paint the small panels outdoors, and have them inspire larger canvases in my studio in California.

Buildings will be more of a focus this year.

My paints that were left here from last year

  The painting on the easel was painted directly from looking out the window. 
  Here you can see 6 small panels on the table, that I've worked on so far, laid out so I can look at them. There is a stack of panels still to work on, when the weather clears up this weekend.

  On the ground, there is an image that I'm working on from a photo I took on my iPad. This is one of the local buildings that Janelle and I love.
  There is also a painting on the small easel, too, that is in progress. Oh, and the requisite bottle of red wine. Very traditional.

  It's nice to work in a studio here. Work, work, work.

  Hopefully something good will come out of it.

  A beginning sketch of a house we lovingly refer to as "The Little Pink House". In it's previous incarnation, it was a chicken coop, but now it's a favorite little spot of color among the olive trees.

  We are going to Bologna by train today to see "Casa Morandi", as well as Vermeer's "Girl With The Pearl Earring", which is now on show.
  I look forward to seeing Morandi's house and studio, as well as the museum filled with artwork by Morandi. I know this side trip will be very inspiring. One of this artist's pilgrimage destinations.

  For me wife, it's going to be all about the famous pasta this city is known for.

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