Thursday, March 20, 2014

Beginning To Work Umbria, 2014

  I'm so happy to be back in Umbria.
  I'm beginning to sort out my work here. I am getting my supplies together, seeing anew what I left behind in storage last year.
  Building my "Outdoor Art Studio", there's a lot of preparation. Soon it will be up and running with my hope being to produce many paintings. There is no lack of inspiration.

  The first week, I just stopped where ever, and did some simple sketching in my journals.
  Janelle, as always, captures me in photos. Her "job" is one of documentation.

Below Panicale, on a morning walk, I stop to sketch
a farmer trimming his vines

There is both misty fog and smoke from the olive
branches being burned. Only early in the morning.

  On another morning walk, a warmer and clearer day, we walked up an old road through an olive grove. There was one spot with a great view of Paciano across the valley. 
  I am planning to draw and paint more structures/buildings this year. Less pastoral, this year. Though I am sure the landscapes and trees will crop up. 
  I want these paintings to be more abstract than representative.

In the olive groves

A great view of Paciano

  One of the first days here, we drove around the lake to a favorite little town, San Feliciano. Janelle hiked around, while I sketched the view from way up the hill. I love the lake, Lago Trasimeno. The islands, with their centuries old castles, are inspiring on many levels. It's the history here, as well as the light and landscape, I want to return to again and again.
  The lake changes colors through out the day, with the change of sunlight and weather.

In the background, Isola Polvese, one of 3 islands on the lake.

It's hard not to be overwhelmed by it all, but it's the artist's job to
capture it, in his or her own way.

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