Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Grand Reward

  Beginning at the beginning, here is a short explanation of my painting gear in the field.
  All of this equipment is very important for me to feel comfortable and have everything I need. 

  I am still working out the kinks, and there will be additions to make it a perfect travel kit. Luckily, this past year, I was able to store much my studio supplies, thanks to the generosity of some great friends we've made here.

  Below, are some photos Janelle took of my painting supplies.

The picnic basket turned supply box is from home.

Scraping and dragging tools from the local hardware store.

This is a home made box that I'll use when I paint 8" x 8" panels

My office, such as it is..such as I like it.

The colors of March in Umbria

  Another short video from this session…work in process.

  The painting goes quickly, because I want to intuit the colors and design, feel it directly, by trusting my instincts. For me, this is how I paint. A
   The reason I can do this is because of all the many years of painting EXPERIENCE that has given me confidence and trust in expressing myself. 

 I feel my painting style is in rhythm with my life's philosophy.
 Sometimes I think it's all about rhythm, like music- the notes and the space between the notes. For the painter, it's like colors. 
  The trick is to see life from "the" proper prospective. 
  To see the Grand Design.

Seeing the rhythm, seeing the design.

  The spot I'm painting is of the road with it's long avenue of trees, umbrella pines and Italian cypress. This road leads to one of our favorite places to buy fruit, vegetables, and nuts from Umbria. 
  "La Saporita".
  This is the landscape directly below the small hill town we stay in.

  These small paintings I work on here in Umbria, will inspire and be transformed into much larger studio paintings back in California. They will be abstracted and distilled even more, becoming the essence of this particular beauty, this particular light, these particular moments.

I finished 3 in this session, and more panels await.

    I have to remember that I worked a "day job" for 25 years, and have put in close to 40 years painting, MY 10,000 hours, to be here right now, doing just these small paintings.
  The Grand Reward.

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