Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Two Outings / One Day

  First sunny day in a week.
  Still early March, cold, but I have to get out and paint a little bit.

Looking for a spot off the road, morning light.

  Last time I painted plein-air was here in Umbria last spring, so I am itching to get out and paint .

About to get started.

A very pretty, poetic setting.

  These panels I purchased in Rome are new for me, but they are standard european gesso on birch panels. Really beautiful, and beautiful to work on.
  I started with these small ones, but I think I'll buy some larger ones either in Florence, or perhaps Cortona has them.

My set up in the field.

It's a simple thing, really, but forty years of painting experience
hopefully, will make it special.

  Late in the afternoon, same day, another long view.
  A long view of the lake next to a vineyard near a small village, Vaiano.

Dropped pencils and pens caught Janelle's eye.

Late afternoon long shadows made for a fun shot.


  The short videos speak for themselves.

A finished "Painted Poem".

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