Monday, March 7, 2016

Getting Started: Umbria 2016

  Since we've been here for a few days, Johnny has been ready to start working…but the weather has not been cooperating.
  Today it looked like there would be some good breaks of sun during the day, so we headed out to one of our favorite areas to get some time in.

  It was still so cold, and a little wet, that we parked and he did some drawing from the car...

This is how it works, sometimes.

When all else fails, park somewhere with subject matter to draw.

  The sun did come out, with amazing clouds all around. After enjoying a picnic lunch break in the car, we headed to a small village nearby to sit in the sun and Johnny was able to continue working.

  Each new drawing is basically an adventure in self awareness as an artist, says Johnny. The art process never ends, thankfully.


Using my hand as a paper towel...

  After a few drawing sessions, it's break time.

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  1. i think i like the small ones the best.. save me one!