Monday, March 14, 2016

First Oil Painting Italy/2016

  My 'Car Trunk Studio'. Panels purchased in Rome, great art supply store near the Pantheon,
  "Poggi g. Ditta", a favorite stop for me.
   Also bought somethings in Florence at "Zecchi" art supply. Another favorite.
  Cardboard box from the local alimentari (small shop that sells all things), home made panel holders I made from cardboard and tape. Every useful cigar box. Good to go.

  It's been almost too cold to paint outdoors, but had to get started.
  Found a pull out on a country road with a great view of an old castle/tower.

Started with a pencil sketch.
So happy to bring my paint box from home
for the first time.

Old paint becomes a bed for new paint.

  The grey day and cold weather informed my color choices for this day's work.

Janelle takes the photos. I paint.
A good collaboration.

Pure magic.

Building up the image.

Getting acquainted anew with my art supplies.
I leave all these here with friends.
New blue smock from the local farm center.

First painting done.

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