Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Finishing Up Work 2017

   We kept driving by this field as it was coming into full color, and I knew I wanted to paint somewhere near by, to capture the moment. This beautiful Spring moment.
  This was a week or two ago, before the weather changed again to windy, cold and wet.

  While setting up to work, my wife could not help herself, I guess.


    These small paintings offer me glimpses into larger ideas.
    There will be a gem or two, ideas that I can translate into larger, contemporary/abstract compositions.
  If I am lucky.
  And, it's just fun being here with my wife in the middle of Italy.


  I always joke that I am trying to 'Make Art History', but I can't take myself too seriously.... And I have to be honest with my contribution to the conversation.
  This comes after having a great art education, with a tremendous teacher and forty five years of painting experience.

  Painting like this, in this beautiful heart of Italy, is it's own reward.
  I've said it before- It's simple, but it's complicated. It's never easy to make good art. It shouldn't be, in my opinion.

  This is this Artist's humble offering, on this day.

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