Sunday, April 2, 2017

A Good Day's Work

  Janelle writing this evening...

  The weather was so fine through March, Johnny was able to paint most every day he wanted to. Today we had our first real rain day, which the area needs, so no complaints.
  Last week Johnny painted quite a bit, though he is waiting now for the trees to leaf out more. One day in particular, we woke early, had our coffee and headed out for our morning walk as the sun was just rising. It was so wonderful to be up and out so early.

  After returning from the walk, we loaded up the car for a full day of work...

A classic pairing of Umbrella Pine and Italian Cypress

  Moving on to another area...

Benches are always welcome.

  I'm always surprised at what Johnny 'sees' to paint...often it's just a bit of a very far off view. Shapes, light and color are what I imagine he is looking for.

  Same area, but another painting gets started.

Again, the far off view...that pine tree way over on the ridge.

  It's always an adventure.
  A colorful adventure.

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