Saturday, May 18, 2013

Last Images Before Leaving Umbria

  I took so many shots of Johnny working while we were in Panicale. I had every intention of doing this post as we were just leaving Umbria, but just became overwhelmed with packing, saying good-bye to friends, cleaning house, crying, etc.
  My thought was to share some images that didn't make it to the blog in March and April, during our stay. 
  Johnny managed to get 50 pieces done in the two months we were there, and we will soon be posting the work on our other blog, The Green Heart Paintings. I'm sure we will have a show at our gallery, too. We will let you know when, as soon as we know.
  So, below are some last images of Mr. Apodaca doing his work in Italy, mostly Umbria, 2013. It was a fantastic and very successful trip, despite some weather and health issues, and we look forward to returning to Panicale next Spring!

Standing just outside the walls of Monticchiello, in Tuscany.

Working down the road from the place with
the sheep and chickens, just below Panicale.

While I like to walk here, Johnny likes the Umbrella Pine on this white road.
He's painted it every year.

Waiting for a massive rain cloud to come in- On the
outside walls of Panicale.

One of our last visits to Lago Trasimeno.
It was a lovely, warm late afternoon....

Just working.

A cool Spring day, in the public park of Panicale.

Brand new easel for painting on-site.
We were so thankful to our friends for allowing us to store it in their place
for next year.

It works.

Another field, another set of paintings....
Moments later a HUGE tractor slowly rolled by.....

Painting the rape fields near San Feliciano.

Another place where Johnny was moved to the side by a big tractor...
Always with a smile, fortunately.

Packed up and ready to paint.
Can't wait to be back in all that yellow and green.

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