Saturday, June 8, 2013

More Painting Near Panicale

  We have been back home now for more than a month, but I still have the great memories and inspiration of painting in Umbria.
  The paintings I've finished here, in the studio at home, are very much influenced by the colors of the sky, the water, and fields surrounding Panicale. Also the light. It is different.

  Going through pictures that Janelle took, we came on some scenes that had not made it (until now) to the blog. There are two or three days of painting below, both areas are just a mile or less from Panicale. 

  This first painting, an 8X8 inch oil on panel, was done just outside of the agriturismo/winery, La Querciolana. The road is quiet, and it has a nice position.

Setting up near the old church at La Queriolana

  I found way across the vineyards, a row of trees that I liked.
  While I was painting, there was a man foraging wild asparagus in the woods, right below the car. It was that time of the year.

Mixing color.

  Below, you can see the trees on the ridge in the distance, that inspired this painting.


  There was one spot I returned to several times during the trip this year. I painted both oil on panel and gouaches from this area. Close enough to home, but just a little off the road. This side road is near Casalini, just a five minute drive from Panicale. 
  I like the trees that line a small agricultural canal here, in the fields. 
  We watched these trees go from no leaves at all, to full Spring green in the time we stayed. The paintings below were done just before the trees got all their leaves.

Janelle took this shot from out in one of the fields.
I am sitting next to the car, just behind it.

The view I am seeing.

Just on the hill above Casalini, there is an old castle, Castello di Montalera. We both find it fascinating, but I think it is private property.

Castello di Montalera


  Not certain if it was the same day, but it was the same spot, below, where I painted the trees that would end up as a study for a much larger version from the studio in Umbria.
  The large painting is oil on canvas, about 4'X4', but I enjoyed painting this original 8"X8" in one of my favorite spots.

Working in a lovely place.


Some favorite trees.

All the tools, with my box for holding wet paintings.


  Janelle and I are looking forward to showing the small paintings soon. 

  Below, another video Janelle made of me at work.


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