Monday, April 8, 2013

Work Continues In My Umbrian Studio

  Still working and trying to pierce the "Blue Heart" of Green Umbria...otherwise known as Lago Trasimeno.
   Here is a very immediate style of you will see in the video at the end of this post.

  Drips and slashes of the paint. 
  Working quickly, the painting reveals itself to me. Much intuition is at play here.

  In the video, you will see two small images of mural paintings that live in our apartment. I have let the colors seep into my consciousness, and now I will interpret those feelings into these moments.
  This is the second approach in the studio for this painting. I had to let the paint dry from the first working. Now it's ready to receive a second coat of coloring.
  The painting has more "tooth" now.

  The painting isn't done needs something more. I will look around the studio and see if there is something interesting to inspire me.

  The finished canvas, with a textural element included, though I'm not sure it is evident in the photo.  
  You will have to see it in the Carmel gallery, stretched and hung on the wall.
  You can definitely feel, and get an idea, of how the weather here has been. This comes through in the painting.

  Everything is food for the artist's eyes.

  The detail, below...Can you feel the late Spring rain storms?

  The next, and final, canvas awaits.
  We drove to Cortona today to purchase some more paints. I will work from one of the 8X8 inch pieces I have finished here, which should be full of color. I am excited to do it. The sun has come out to play, and I'm soaking it up like an Umbrian hedgehog!

  Below are some of the smaller works I've finished, between rainstorms.... More to come.

A short video from the studio. The second painting, larger format, of three.

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