Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Palettes In Umbria

 Janelle writing here today.

  When I am busy taking photos or making videos of Johnny working, I'm always drawn to the palette of the moment. They seem like their own works of art, to me. I like how the paint is mixed together, of course, but I also like the big, thick swipes and blotches of paint. The texture is fantastic. 

  When Johnny wipes them off , the effect can be so lovely.

 I started taking pictures of his working palettes years ago, but these are all just from this visit to Umbria. The colors represent the winter turning to spring.

I try to get a few shots throughout a working session.

Semi-clean, to start a new painting.

Beautiful Umbrian colors!

  The little white plastic palette he uses for his gouache paintings isn't so charming, but still, I like it.

Painting #1 already put aside. Now for the second piece of the day.

  In the studio here, he uses the hand held type of palette. He moves around the larger canvases a lot, so he needs to have that paint right there, at hand...so to speak.

Studio palette with Umbria all over it.

Must have been a painting of Lago Trasimeno, The Blue Heart of Umbria.

  I try to get shots of the palette with the painting of the moment still in the scene. As I am often out on a walk while Johnny is working, I'll miss the moment before he packs the painting away. Here are some of the shots with 8X8 inch paintings, all fresh and still wet...

Work in progress, with a nice palette shot.

   As my last little shot, below, I chose the "smily face" palette. Because we are really happy right here, right now!

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