Sunday, March 22, 2015

Later On That Day….

 Later on, Day 1 of painting, 2015..

 Janelle & I drove around the local Umbrian countryside.
 No particular place to go, just driving, searching for another ideal setting to paint.

 Always an issue, finding an ideal setting also means finding somewhere with a spot to park, which isn't going to be threatened by cars, trucks or giant tractors.

I like to find a quiet area, with a dirt road off of the main paved road, room enough for any other vehicle to pass by me.

A perfect place to set up.

Once again hard at work.

A long view of the Panicale skyline.
I am still working with gouache on paper.

 To get an idea of the places I stop to work, here is a shot Janelle took, while she was walking up the hill. I am in the middle of the shot, working.

The design of the land itself is so abstract.

 My beret seems so cliche, but it is one of my most important tools. 
 Great for protecting my balding scalp, and it keeps the sun out of my eyes. 
 This time of year, early March, it's cold, so it also helps to keep me warm.

The beret, not just an artist's fashion statement.

The season is changing. I capture this time when the landscape is moving from late winter to early spring. 

Fields below Ceraso, Near San Fatucchio

A good end to first day of work.
Time for a glass of wine.

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