Thursday, March 19, 2015

First Day Painting, Umbria 2015

  First gouache of the season.
  Begin at the very beginning. It's still challenging to start a project, putting yourself out there, compelling yourself to do good work. And good work is really what it's all about.

  The day was perfect. In between rain storms. 

Laying down artist's tape to "frame" the image.

My wife keeps me smiling.

  Getting all the supplies together takes strategy, even this plastic chair, which we purchased two years ago. We store it with friends here, in Umbria.

I love this chair.
I've done a couple of gouaches of it.

A new set of colors purchased, always new paints.
Nice cigar box kit. And retractable water cup.

  The requirement of the work is to have formal inventiveness and pictorial intelligence that lives in the moment.

And it's all about the color.

First painting done.

  On to the next painting.
  Let the season begin.

Framing the images with different colored pencils.

  Stay tuned. More to come from Umbria.

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