Saturday, September 3, 2016

A Blog Post For Scott & Natalie (w/love, J&J)

  Friends came by the gallery recently to check out the new crop of paintings that Johnny did in Umbria this past spring. (We are getting ready to show them here in the gallery soon, and it's been nice to see some selling in advance of the show)
  We had a great visit with our pals, and after they left the gallery, I remembered that there were some photos and videos from the day Johnny painted the one our friends chose, below....

"Isola Polvese"
by Johnny Apodaca, 2016

  It was fairly early in the trip when Johnny painted this one, and the day was sunny and almost warm. We had driven around the lake, stopping a couple of times to paint, and ending up at a favorite spot in San Feliciano, a lovely fishing village on the shores of Lago Trasimeno.
  Johnny pulled in near the small fishing boats to set up and do two small paintings, one which became Scott and Natalie's, and one which now lives in San Feliciano at a favorite watering hole.
  Johnny loves painting near the water, especially when it's so beautiful out.....

Hanging out lakeside, doing his job.

  I took a few shots of Johnny painting, made a quick video, and headed down the way for a little walk.

Little did he know who would end up with
this never do...It's part of the magic.

  We love this little area. There are always beautiful old boats in the water, and very often we'll watch the local fisherman as they tend the nets.

  On this particular day, we were under surveillance! There was a drone cruising all around for about an hour. Trippy, because we've never seen one here, and it was a very slow , quiet day on the lake. Maybe they were getting some nice video of the lake themselves? 
  No, I didn't take any pictures of the drone...sorry.

  Back to the beauty of this life by the lake....

We can tell it's early in the trip..
hardly any leaves on the trees.

A local 'Man Cave'.
'Fisherman Cave', that is.

  Johnny has always loved the colors and sounds around the lakeside. We often take long walks in this area, followed by a glass of wine at a nearby spot.

Johnny paints away in the background....

Fishing nets make for nice texture.

  Anyway, after a stroll, I head back to finish my job, and see what has happened with the work:

 Hope you like this post, you guys! Thanks again for being fans-
 Baci, Baci, Baci e Abbracci!

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