Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Field Work 2016

  This is the last week of oil painting so there will be time enough to allow the paint to dry, so we can pack them for the trip home.
  Don't know how many yet. There are various sizes in centimeters.

  Here I am painting in the field, high above the valley near a small borgo. Janelle and I discovered another 'white road', and we went off on a day's painting adventure.

  The sky was bright on this day, and the air still.
  It was peaceful and quiet. Just the sound of lots of birds.

Long view of the lake.

High above Lago Trasimeno.

  Janelle is upset with the photos above because she used the wrong setting on her camera, and the color is not right. It looks more like California. The light and color is not correct.

  These below give a better idea of the light and color here, now.

  Later that day, i spotted a lovely view of some old buildings, so set up on a comfortable back road.

  I had been liking the larger vertical format. Usually, I prefer smaller sizes when painting plain air.
  This size allows me to paint in broad, quick strokes of color, keeping the design simple. I can work  spontaneously and intuitively.
  This allows real, direct painting for me.
  And I enjoy these brushstrokes.

Reminiscent of Cezanne.

 The fourth painting of this particular day, below.

Broad and quick/Intuitively

My color sense.

  One more finished painting.
  More tomorrow.
  A happy ending to a productive day.

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