Friday, August 28, 2015

Going Back, Getting Ready!

  Because this year is an odd numbered year, 2015, we will soon be on our way back to Italy. 
  Odd years=Venice Biennale, and if we are able, we go. This year, we go.
  For the first time, we've decided it would be just silly not to pop into Umbria, too, as long as we're so close. 

  Since it's getting close to "Go" time, I thought I'd kick on into blogging mode. 
  These are all pictures from this past spring, when we spent a couple of months at our home away from home in Umbria.
   Johnny did loads of paintings, and we have many spoken for and lots that we will be showing when we return later in the fall. He plans to do more in Umbria and Venice this trip, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we have an amazing show of gouache on paper works from both Umbria and Venice here in the gallery in the very near future.
  We'll keep you posted!

  Below, just a few days of normal life with an artist. 
  Painting throughout the surrounding countryside is a passion for Johnny. For me, it's joy…I walk, take photos, make short videos and just thank my lucky stars that I have this life.
  And that I get to share it with Johnny….

One of my favorite paintings from this spring.

In the fields below Panicale….

  I like it when Mr. J decides to set up in a place that might include a glass of wine. In this case, one of our favorite watering holes on the shores of Lago Trasimeno. 

Hard at work, poor fella.

Early phase of a gouache on paper work.

Time to sit back and enjoy the late afternoon light on the lake.

  Some days we don't go far at all. A walk around the town walls reveal so many painting opportunities. The views are amazing, and the light and color changes by the minute.
  Johnny will often set up to paint while I go into town to buy the ingredients for that evenings supper. It's pretty sweet for both of us.

Just hanging out in the local park.
Dig the view beyond…..
Johnny has often said he could paint here for the rest of his life. Sigh.

View over the fields towards Castiglione del Lago.

I am unable to resist.

  One of the very last paintings Johnny did this spring was the one below. 
  It's a painting of Ruth & Tonino's farmhouse, Sticky Farm, where magic seems to happen. Baby goats, organic veg, bees and honey, goat's milk soaps, copper lighting fixtures that blow minds….Like I said, magic.

It starts like this.

A few quick gestures of the hand and brush….

Finishing touches….

A trade for one of Tonino's wonderful copper light fixtures.
We are most happy!

  And it's all good. 

Can't wait, right?

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