Sunday, November 3, 2013

And Back In the Studio...

  Janelle writing here today...

  I just love poking around in Johnny's studio space....when he lets me in! 
  Seriously, he does have me come over most evenings to see what he has been working on. We'll pour a glass of wine, and just do a walk through. Sometimes there will only be the start of something new, other evenings he'll have something finished that he wants to talk about. I always enjoy any time I spend in the studio, honestly. I did a post here last fall, when Johnny had just done a major dressing up of the place.

  This morning, I asked if I could take more pictures, since the light was nice and I had some time before coming into the gallery to work. I was happy to see that there was some "action" going on today....

I love these paint sample thingys Johnny puts up.

One of the ever changing shelf collections....
the tri-fold is from a Helen Frankenthaler exhibit.

  Johnny loves his paint brushes, even the "chip" brushes he uses most of the time. I just love the look of them when they are all in a pile. Texture and color...I like!

Views of brushes piled up in old paint boxes...

After they have done the job, he still hangs on to them,
for use in various and sometimes odd installations...

  The jars of paint are always nice to see, especially when they so obviously being put to work.

Like gelato, but not.

Extreme colors at their best.

  I guess my favorite thing is the working palette. I just like all the messiness of it, of course. The mixing, the drips, all the oozy stuff going on. Then, in a few days, he'll clean the whole thing up and start all over. 
  It's magical.....for me, anyway.

Yeah, and you should see his work clothes.


  The work surface mesmerizes me, I swear. It's so hard to imagine what the final result will be, and it's always a surprise. I look forward to seeing what Johnny creates with the tools, brushes and paint I saw here in the studio this morning.....I'll let you know, ok?



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