Thursday, March 28, 2024

Painting In A Favorite Spot. Pastel & Oil Work

I return again and again to this particular spot to paint. This area is a balance between nature and man's interjection. The curve of the road...the trees that change from season to season. The colors are always shifting. I endeavor to try to embrace the moment.
And, most importantly, there is a nice pull out to set up my painting gear off the road.

This trip, I am working with some small pastel pieces. These will be "sketches" for larger studio works. On this day, I did one pastel, and followed with one small oil on canvas.
It was a nice spring day.

Pastel on paper

Setting up my kit to oil


Janelle usually takes photos, then she'll head out for a walk.

We'll be watching the leaves all come out on the various trees and shrubs over the next couple of weeks, so I'll most likely return for the different view.

A perfect spot to paint, and not too many cars come by.

Just keeping it loose here.

Waiting for Janelle to return to get a nice last photo before I put it all away.

Two completely different takes on the same scene.
I'm happy with these.

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