Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Painting A Favorite Chapel

I'm so happy that Johnny has returned to this sweet nearby chapel to paint again! This is a much beloved subject of his, and I love it, as well. I was thrilled to see him pull out a larger canvas on this day last week.


The sunny days have made all the difference.

Taking some artistic license here by adding the lake in the distance.
In actuality, you can't see the lake at all from this spot.


Can't wait to see this one framed!

More to come, readers!

Day Trip : Florence #1

Since we are heading to Florence tomorrow to see an exhibition and buy more art supplies, I realized I had better post this piece about our trip to Florence a few weeks ago.
Time flies...I'll say that.

Johnny has a couple of art supply shops in Florence he likes. On this day trip, we headed straight to Ragacci, an old school place with great customer service. We love these folks!
Johnny was looking for paint, canvas and small panels to work on.

So much to choose from, but he always has a list to follow.

Making sure the color is just right.

Nice selection of rolled canvas.

Smaller stretched canvas as well as wooden panels.

I love this display!

Plenty of brushes to choose from, of course!

After shopping, we made a plan to pick it all up later so we could do some walking around Florence. 

We popped into the Museo Novecento to see a show which features one of the last self portraits by the Italian painter, Amedeo Modigliani. 
It also has a couple of nice Morandi pieces.

A lovely Morandi still life.

Another Morandi from a different era.

The self portrait by Modigliani is set in it's own can't get very close to it, but it is lovely.

It was a fine show, but I must say, we were disappointed that there weren't more paintings by the two "biggies". There are several other Italian artists featured, though.

After a bite to eat, Johnny set up to paint again near the Ponte Vecchio. This time from the next bridge down the way.


It was a good day to paint, and almost no one stopped to chat.

Focusing in on the center 3 windows...

Nice reflections...

This will be part of a show back home in California at The Carmel Art Association in August.
He's been doing some nice plein-air pieces for the show on this trip.

Another one finished.

More to come, including another trip to Florence tomorrow, and the Venice Biennale later this month!

Thursday, March 28, 2024

Painting In A Favorite Spot. Pastel & Oil Work

I return again and again to this particular spot to paint. This area is a balance between nature and man's interjection. The curve of the road...the trees that change from season to season. The colors are always shifting. I endeavor to try to embrace the moment.
And, most importantly, there is a nice pull out to set up my painting gear off the road.

This trip, I am working with some small pastel pieces. These will be "sketches" for larger studio works. On this day, I did one pastel, and followed with one small oil on canvas.
It was a nice spring day.

Pastel on paper

Setting up my kit to oil


Janelle usually takes photos, then she'll head out for a walk.

We'll be watching the leaves all come out on the various trees and shrubs over the next couple of weeks, so I'll most likely return for the different view.

A perfect spot to paint, and not too many cars come by.

Just keeping it loose here.

Waiting for Janelle to return to get a nice last photo before I put it all away.

Two completely different takes on the same scene.
I'm happy with these.

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Saturday, March 23, 2024

Painting Again In Umbria...First Time Out, 2024

It's always hard to get started painting, but I have to start somewhere.
Between getting the studio in shape and making certain I have my supplies in order, it takes time.

Then there is the weather element. It's been cold, wet and windy, like it can be in March.
This week, we have seen the start of Primavera, and it has given me some sunny and almost warm days.
I finally got out to do some plein-air work.

There is always so much stuff to haul around. I often just stay by the car, but on this first time out, we hiked a fair distance with all the supplies one needs to get the job done.


I set up to paint, Janelle takes photos, then she settles in with a book.

 It's a lot to organize and keep together.

So lucky and grateful to have this ongoing opportunity to work here in Umbria.

Just some of the stuff...

I still need to get more painting supplies, so we will be heading to Florence soon. I plan to do some more painting while we are there.

Getting the first piece done. It's always a relief. I hope I can get out again asap.

Not bad. Nice and loose. I'm pleased.

Sunday, November 12, 2023

A Stop In Montepulciano To Paint

Last weekend, we had a sunny bit of weather, so we decided to take a drive into the Val D'Orcia. 

This is an area of Tuscany that is famous for several hill towns and gorgeous views. We try to drive over at least once every trip. It's about 45 minutes, and the drive drive through the countryside is beautiful.

We always take time to walk through was one of the first places we stayed in Italy almost 20 years ago, and it holds a special place in our hearts. 

Johnny wanted to paint in the main square, and it was a perfect day to do it, as there were hardly any people around. The upside to being here off season!

Johnny looks so tiny standing next to this old building.
I like to get a shot just as he's setting up to paint.

The subject today.

As always, I took a nice walk while he worked, and came back to see what I had missed...

Almost finished....


One of the many paintings that will be exhibited here next year.

I'm working on a post on my other site, Live Pronto, about the day in Val D' was a good adventure on a lovely November day!